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DNA Match for My Father's Mother's Line

I did an Ancestry DNA Kit just for fun, expecting confirmation of everything I had grown up believing. My mother is a biologist with a special interest in DNA and genetics. As an anthropologist, I have seen DNA analysis rewrite the history of human migrations over many thousands of years. As an obstetrician, I have seen DNA used to establish paternity. As a physician and mother, I have seen DNA used to follow response to leukemia-fighting drugs. Before I did the test, I was aware of the power of DNA.
Was I prepared for a new DNA/biological great grandfather? Honestly, no, I was not. But it did answer some questions and dealt with old rumors I had heard as a child.
For my current life, it explains why no one in my father's family seemed to know about colorblindness, although my father, as well as my son, are protanopes - see no red. Colorblindness of that type is passed from grandfather to grandson through s normal color sighted daughter. GGF Ben was long gone by the time my father was born.
It also explained where all that "Great Britain" in my Ethnicity Profile came from...
DNA is powerful. DNA does not lie.

If you are considering doing a DNA test, be sure you would be willing to accept whatever the results are, no matter how unexpected.