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Transformations is a photographic exhibition sponsored by the Pennsylvania Center for Photography.
The show opens August 13, 2021 and closes September 6, 2021.

From the Prospectus:
Welcome to TRANSFORMATIONS, a juried exhibition that pays tribute to the vision and skills of photographers who freely express their creativity by whatever means they choose.
Photographers working in all genres are invited to submit work for possible inclusion in the exhibition. The subject matter can be anything you want – literally anything! People, places, things, visions, are all fine with us.
The only requirement is that the image must have started life in your camera. You can modify or create the physical environment, apply in-camera techniques, shoot infrared, use composites, and/or use post processing to realize your own artistic reality. We are a very inclusive organization, so any degree of alteration from mild to extreme is welcome.
The Transformations gallery is now up, until September 6, 2021
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