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Series Description
Different types and many degrees of "color deficient vision" exist. Both my father and son were/are “red/green colorblind,” but until 2015 I had no idea how they viewed the world. It tugs at heartstrings to hear, “I wish just once, even if only for a minute, I could see the world the way you do.” Special glasses were introduced in 2015 that help about 70% of color deficient people see a broader color range. Sadly, that technology does not help my son, who, we’ve learned, is a “protanope” who sees virtually no red. Human eyes have cones for seeing red, green, and blue. For fun, I made diptychs using color theory and digital photographic editing. I still was shocked when pairs appeared exactly the same to him! Photographic technology allowed me see his world. Someday, hopefully, technology will allow him to see a broader range of colors, too.
The first series in the Protanopia work may be seen here, and at Amazon.